Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bead Show and Cuff Class

I enjoyed experimenting with parts of beaded garments while working on developing the beaded cuff class for the Santa Clara Bead and Design Show last weekend.

In addition to making bracelet starters I made a collection of charms, bits backed with parts of an upcycled leather jacket.  I've given a few away as thank you gifts, a little something to keep on a desk and bring smiles. 

Here are the stages of bracelet making, starting from the bottom and working up. 

4) Glued onto leather and then trimmed
3) Knit fabric trimmed away, closures attached

2) sewn onto knit fabric

1) trimmed from the garment

Class participants choose their starter beaded fabric
and began working.

Their results were fantastic!

We had a great time.  I would love to do the class for you too!  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and gather a minimum of 6 and up to 12 people I will put on a class for you.  Of course I'm happy to teach with guilds and in other venues as well. 

You can reach me at 

Other highlights from the show...

My booth neighbor Sally is delightful and oh so talented!  She has perfected the art of jewelry making with vintage jeweled watch parts, both the faces and the works inside. Truly one-of-a-kind upcycled jewelry.

Another vendor, Robin, makes art that I completely adore!! This cute fish is mine.  I covet all the rest.


 Bahira made this bag from FABMO fabric and embellished it with beads. Wow!  I will defiantly be trying this technique on upholstery fabric.  (Details on FABMO here)

I combined beads and buttons for a neckline embellishment

I purchased a bead collection from an estate sale.  The upcycle above is my first foray into using these beads.  At this rate I will need to live another 100 years to use them up.  

Although I will be able to use many of them, there are quite a few I will sell as I can't use them for my purposes.  Perhaps on my Etsy shop.

Happy Upcycling!

P.S. here are Paganoonoo's upcycle sewing instructions, available in the Etsy Shop:

Monday, August 7, 2017

Beaded bracelet display hands getting an upgrade and new sample cuff

Prep for the Santa Clara Bead and Design Show continues.  

I found plaster hands at the thrift store that look like they
are perfect for display for beaded bracelets.
My granddaughter volunteered to paint them a lighter color 
and then paint them with nail polish. She's doing a terrific job.
I'm going to make example bracelets for both wrists.  

I the meantime I completed another sample bracelet
and my neighbor Jill agreed to model.
 I found the perfect buttons for the closure
It looks great on her!
 I am really having a lot of fun with this.  For years I've been looking at beaded jackets and trying to think of what could be done with them.  Such beautiful work!   

What is not obvious looking at the bracelet is that it is mounted on leather, suede side down so it is very comfortable.  Where did I get the leather?  From a thrift store leather jacket.  I disassembled 2 jackets while catching up on Game of Thrones.  Yes I am a SciFi / Fantasy nerd.

I had a few scraps too small for a bracelet so I made a bookmark.

There is still time to register for the 8/12/17 cuff/bracelet class in Santa Clara, CA at the Bead and Design Show. $65 covers all class materials.  There is a separate admission fee.  Location: Santa Clara Marriot.

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Happy Upcycling,

Friday, August 4, 2017

Tiny Paganoonoo #2, the Ashlee, great Mommy and Me opportunity.

Continuing with the thought that many upcycled Paganoonoo designs can be used to make kids garments I tested out the Ashlee blouse pattern, ignoring the bust shaping instructions, and love the results, size 4T.
  The light color of the band brightens the whole blouse and it is embellished with 5 buttons. A few accent bits add interest on one cuff and the back band.  

The ship image on the lower right back was already on the starter shirt. 
The lower back panel was longer than the front. I wanted
 to use the original hem so I added side tucks near the
hem line making the bottom hems line up. 

The sleeves seemed too wide so cutting off the cuffs and making the sleeves narrower towards the bottom seemed like it would help a bit. 

The unexpected bonus was that olling up the sleeve automatically made a cuff narrower than the top of the sleeve, making a slightly gathered effect, which I liked. 

Because the sleeve is so tiny, machine stitching would make it difficult to control the gathering, so I hand stitched the cuffs in place. 
Left to right - tiny "Ashlee"/  adult "Patti"/  tiny "Patti"
Paganoonoo design upcycling instructions:
Great "Mommy & Me" or "Grandma & Me" opportunity!
Paganoonoo Upcycle Designs 

Purchase the Ashlee Blouse instructions in either PDF or Hard Copy.  The instructions cover all sizes.  Sizing is based on selecting a dress shirt that fits the person's chest and shoulders the way they like.  Everything else is built on that base garment.

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Happy Upcycling,